A heartfelt by way of AGU when it comes to Bowen Award, one which has a true title proven to every pupil of geology!

Graham Pearson, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.Citation for Mary R. Reid

Mary Reid gets the Bowen Award on her imaginative and revolutionary application of zircon geochronology for understanding active silicic magma systems. Her 1997 paper in world and Planetary Science the ukrainian bride Letters, “Prolonged residence times for the youngest rhyolites connected with longer Valley caldera: 230 Th 238 U ion microprobe dating of young zircons,” launched a fresh section of inquiry into magmatic procedures, presenting both the analytical and framework that is intellectual performing and interpreting the geochronology of young zircon by additional ion mass spectrometry. The groundbreaking and unique insights of the paper shifted our comprehension of the prices and operations taking part in magma storage space, recharge, and eruption.

Mary used U–Th disequilibrium dating to exhibit that zircons included within the merchandise of just one eruption have actually many years that span tens to a huge selection of kiloyears, implying a complex and protracted preeruption history of subvolcanic evolution that is magmatic. Had been the zircons recording the residence time of melt rich and magma that is potentially eruptibleher preferred interpretation during those times), or had been zircons being recycled from mostly solidified components of a much broader magma reservoir? These concerns in change spurred efforts because of the modeling community to explore the conditions expected to keep melt rich, silicic magma during these timescales and synchronous efforts to comprehend the procedures and timescales of silicic melt segregation from crystal mush. Mary’s work subsequent to the 1997 paper, both on the very own along with her pupils, on longer Valley, Yellowstone, plus the Youngest Toba Tuff, represent collectively a trip de force of insights in to the procedure of big, hazardous silicic magma systems. These documents, combined with the numerous documents by other researchers utilizing her methods, have actually revealed subvolcanic magma systems become powerful, long lived, and complex surroundings. Mary Reid’s work with silicic magma systems has received an enduring effect on the volcanology, geochemistry, and petrology areas. She’s worthy of the Bowen Award in all respects.


A heartfelt because of AGU when it comes to Bowen Award, one which carries a true title recognized to every pupil of geology! We am truly humbled and honored. Many Thanks in specific for you, Jonathan Miller, for nominating me personally, and also to Olivier Bachmann, Calvin Miller, and Tom Sisson for composing thoughtful apparently! letters of help. The four of you, and countless other colleagues that are scientific buddies, are making activities in the wide world of geochemistry and petrology lively, provocative, and gratifying.

I’ve been constantly fascinated because of the generation and storage space of magmas and also by developing brand new approaches for our knowledge of them. It was gratifying consequently to view wide variety brand brand new insights unfold as our medical community unlocked the clocks kept within specific crystals. I will be indebted to Jim Gill, whom first introduced me to U series disequilibrium dating, and also to Tim Grove, Stan Hart, and Nobu Shimizu, whom encouraged us to pursue research separately and inspired me along with their diverse ways to dissecting complex geologic dilemmas. The University of Ca, l . a . gang of Mark Harrison, Kevin McKeegan, and ion microprobe whiz Chris Coath created the intellectual and environment that is technical managed to make it easy for me personally to tease small time signals from micron scaled domain names within minerals. Working together with and nurturing the careers of several skilled graduate pupils were the proverbial gift ideas that carry on offering, especially me honest about magmatic processes as they keep. Into the context for this honor, We particularly wish to acknowledge Wendy Bohrson, Kari Cooper, and Jorge Vazquez. Finally, my life wouldn’t be complete without my children: Jim test, Caitlin test, Jane Reid, Janne Blichert Toft, and Francis Albarede. You may be my supporters that are trusted experts, and companions, constantly motivating me personally to check beyond the horizon.